42 Review


By Josh Rice, Public Relations Specialist with Federal Financial Group LLC

I really love sports movies when they are well made. This movie was a good example of of that. 42 wasn’t just about baseball. It was more about what Jackie Robinson had to go through to become a professional baseball player during the civil rights movement. You can really feel the persecution he had to go through to play the game he loved. If you are not a big sports fan you will still like this movie. You are watching history happen right in front of you.


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The Internship Review


By Josh Rice, Public Relations Specialist with Federal Financial Group LLC
I went over the weekend and saw The Internship and thought this movie was really funny. This movie is based off of two sales men that have to find a new career path because their last company went under due to the bad economy. So they decide to totally change everything they have done before and get an internship with Google. Some of the things that they do are really funny and you get a glimpse of what its like on the Google campus. Overall I thought this was a great movie if you want some laughs. I recommend going to see it.


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Man of Steel Review

Over the weekend, I saw MAN OF STEEL and instead of repeating much of what is written here by a comic review, I will reblog this one posted on Analog Addiction. However, from a woman’s point of view, I have two things to add. The young British actor who played Superman, Henry Cavill, was easy to look at and all the acting was believable. The fighting scene at the end seemed to go on for an eternity and the lady sitting next to me was fidgeting and left early! Overall, the best Superman movie yet. This one makes the others look like fluff! OH, the Kryptonian designs were amazing! I really liked the creation of the culture and society of Krypton. For me, it is a 7.5/10 but I will probably see it again someday! Susan Escalante, Director, Federal Financial Group LLC (posted on Movie Reviews)


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Here is Analog Addiction’s review of Warner Bros. Man of Steel movie.

I can honestly say that I haven’t been the biggest fan of Superman. Not because he is god-like, or boring, but it was never easy to find a story that made him both exciting and convincing. That is one of the best things about this movie, it made so many non superman fans at least made them appreciate Superman more than before. This might not have been the Superman we all know, but it was told in a way that just about everyone could understand and enjoy. Of course you still can be disappointed if this is not the Superman you wanted to see, but it was surely the movie that all fans deserved. The story was competent, the action was just amazing, and nothing is better than watching a bunch of Kryptonians in a brawl and you…

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A Perfect Day Starring Rob Lowe

Federal Financial Group LLC reviews

Rob Lowe, A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day
Starring Rob Lowe
By Susan Escalante

Federal Financial Group

Just saw this movie on Netflix last night. I swore I wasn’t going to stay up and complete the movie because we started it so late, but even though it was a little slow, I got drawn into the story and did end up staying up late.

The story is about a man who loses his job after working 15 years toward a promotion. Devastated, his wife suggested that he complete the book that he had started. I don’ t want to give away too much of the story, but I can say that he finished the book and it was a complete success! Yay!

But that’s not even the story. Haha! The story is a clever plot developed by Richard Paul Evans about how a person changes during and after huge business success. It’s a story about how our ego can sneak in there and make just enough difference to throw off our priorities and things that make us truly happy.

The acting was good and it was great to see Christopher Lloyd play a key part in the film. All the characters were believable.

If you are a person who likes to think deeply about human nature and how we inter-relate with one another, then you will like this movie!

The trailer can be found here: http://kids.dailymotion.com/video/xp3hwq_rob-lowe-loses-sight-of-what-really-matters_music#.UbuLVmzna70


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