The Lone Ranger Should Be Shot

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The Lone Ranger Should Be Shot
Review by Susan Escalante

Before you want to shoot me for the title of this blog, let’s keep in mind that the original premise of The Lone Ranger is a mild cowboys-and-“Indians” story for children. For a movie with so much violence, this movie should be one of its own victims.

Because it is staged and rated as a family film, I heard young children talking behind me and thought of them often as the bad guy carved out the deputy’s heart and ate it with his bare hands, six more Texas Rangers were killed in an ambush, and a complete “Indian” tribe living in peace by a river was massacred for greed of silver.

The bad guys were aplenty and there were no consequences for their numerous bad deeds. The head mistress of the brothel was one of the good guys and Tonto, the sidekick, was a mentally-ill Native American who was supposed to save the day. The movie was mostly boring, with a few attempts at humor.

I would never waste my two-plus hours to see it again or encourage my friends to waste their time.

The only refreshing image in the whole movie was the white horse. As usual, Johnny Depp did a great job acting, but with his face covered the whole time in face-paint we could not even enjoy his good looks.

Gilbert Cruz at wrote more foes of the movie in a piece called, “The Lone Ranger Represents Everything That’s Wrong With Hollywood Busters.”

If you decide to see it in spite of these reviews, puhl-lease get a babysitter. This is not a movie for children at all!

And, really, is this even in Texas? It looks more like Utah or Arizona!